Brush Clearing & Field Mowing

Brush clearing, field mowing & blackberry removal

Brush clearing can be a neglected until you suddenly notice that your property has gotten completely overgrown and out of control. Plants grow quickly in western Oregon, which can be nice for those of us with a green thumb. But when your blackberries and weeds get carried away, it can seem overwhelming. You can breathe a sigh of relief when those overgrown patches of brush, grass, or blackberries are a thing of the past! We can also mow your large fields. Disposal of fallen trees or dilapidated fencing can be a challenge.  Apex can get them off your property. We can also demolish and remove the debris from any unsafe or unsightly structures currently on your property. We are up for the challenge!

We grade driveways too!

If your driveway is uneven or has potholes, it will affect the drainage, which will in turn cause more damage to your property from standing water or water infiltration. We can fill in the potholes and uneven spots on your driveway to create a smooth surface for better drainage. Contact us today for a free estimate!

We clean up and dispose of:

Blackberries, fallen timbers, dilapidated fencing (both wire and wood), hay, brambles, old vehicles, broken appliances, and almost anything else you need removed.

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