Trash & Junk Removal

Two pictures of members of the Apex Property Clearing team in Hazmat suits ready to clean out a property. Apex to the rescue! We work with real estate agents, hoarders, construction companies, home owners, and anyone who needs help with waste removal and disposal.

Overwhelmed? Is the weight of all that unsightly junk on your shoulders? Call the trash removal experts!

Whether it's trash, junk, or debris removal, garage cleanout, or whole property cleanup, we are here for YOU! 

If you are overwhelmed with junk and want to make a fresh start and more space for yourself, we can help. Apex Property Clearing offers commercial & residential clean-up and can help relieve your burden! We have assisted new homeowners, real estate agents, business owners, property managers and everyone in between. When our clients ask Apex to get rid of all their trash or clutter around the house or office, we accomplish it with professional efficiency. If you are overwhelmed with junk and want to make a fresh start and more space for yourself, we can help. Apex prides itself on leaving the area in clean and tidy condition.

Have oversized items? Broken down vehicles? No problem!

Have oversized items? Broken down vehicles? No problem!

Difficult to remove and/or large items are no problem for us.  If the items are overgrown by brush, we can take care of that too!  We’ll remove both the junk and the brush.  Our bid includes removal and disposal of all items. Let us help you sort through that garage full of boxes that you’ve been staring at for years! 

We can remove anything and everything you want to dispose of to refresh your property, anything else that is getting in your way and just plain “needs to go”. Please note that not everything has to go in the landfill, we can also move these items to donation centers, friends, family, or organizations that could make better use of them.
Apex Property Clearing removed the junk and cleaned up all the debris from a two car garage in Corvallis Oregon
Debris & Junk Removal for Windermere Property Management, Corvallis.
(Wildflower Cleaning did the maid service).

We can remove:

We can remove:

Are you moving?

Assisting families with moving their loved ones is what we do!

Need help cleaning up the property before listing it for sale?

How about downsizing for YOUR new residence? Don’t move junk you will later donate or throw away. Let us move it to a better “forever home” than yours.

We can help make the move manageable and less stressful for everyone involved.  Contact us for assistance with this difficult and often overwhelming task.

Need assistance after a loved one has passed?

Apex can help remove and sort belongings from a home after a loved one has passed away and redistribute items to local charities.

Each situation is unique. At Apex we understand this and offer individual personal service plans to families while understanding the sensitive nature of your needs. 

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