Construction Site Cleanup

Two pictures that show how to keep your construction sites looking professional during and after the job with Apex construction cleanup services.

We can help you with new construction or remodel projects

For residential customers, think of us whether you’re building a new home from the ground up, adding space to an existing home, or finally going through with that long-anticipated remodel of important parts of your home’s interior. Before work begins, we make your contractor’s job easier by being able to safely and quickly demo and remove any structures, walls, appliances, sheds, weeds, old fireplaces, and more so that your contractor is ready to go on day one of your project. While the work is underway, we can come in each day (or on a periodic basis) and remove any construction debris that has accumulated so that the work progresses well and the area is easier to navigate and less unsightly for yourself, your contractor, and your neighbors. After the project is complete, we can come in and remove any materials and items that no longer belong in the space so that all your left to do is enjoy the results of all your planning and hard work.

For commercial job sites, owned by private organizations or by city/county localities, we can provide the exact same services. These job sites might be apartment buildings, mobile or manufactured home sites, office buildings or strip mall locations. The work might begin with complete demolition of the existing structures and removal of all debris, segue into ongoing cleanup during construction, and then finally cleanup of the entire area when the project is complete.

Call us today for a construction site cleanup!

Apex also works directly with construction companies that need debris removal services for one or more projects. We can come to the job site each day and remove whatever debris you might have left over, so your site is left in a safe & clean condition. This helps remove liability and helps your company look good and the property look presentable every day.  Apex prides itself on always leaving jobs in clean and tidy condition.

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