City & County Cleanup

Apex Property Clearing team with John Deere Backhoe in Philomath, Oregon
Apex Property Clearing equipment tearing down and old house that needed to be cleared off the property

We are experienced working with city and county governments to secure and cleanup public spaces to ensure safety, cleanliness, and sustainability in the community as a whole. 

Our services include:

Teardown of Condemned Buildings and Removal of Garbage and Debris

We are experts in small and large site cleanup. Government entities, such as the City of Corvallis, City of Albany & the City of Sweet Home, as well as Benton and Linn County,  have contracted with us to clear entire properties. This involves tearing down any structures, along with clearing the entire area of unwanted brush, weeds, refuse, old vehicles, appliances, equipment, and more. Apex disposes of all items in an environmentally-friendly manner, donating materials that are still in usable condition, recycling where at all possible, and only taking those items to the landfill that can’t be effectively repurposed. We perform all work under the supervision and guidance of the agency that has hired us. Apex appreciates the opportunity to use our specialized skills in the community to make it a safe and comfortable place to live.

Homeless Camp Cleanup and Remediation

We realize this is a sensitive issue and do our very best to perform the work in a respectful manner and to the exact specifications of our clients. These cleanups have been deemed by the city to be necessary in order to address community concerns about overall livibility, the environmental challenges due to excessive garbage, fire hazards, and uncontrolled waste management, and a growing inability of residents to use public parks and lands. Apex undertakes such work in a professional manner with respect for all parties involved.

Securing Abandoned and Empty Buildings

Apex is also experienced in securing empty and abandoned buildings for the safety of city and county residents. We will board up windows and secure doors and other entryways. This prevents these vacant buildings from being unintentionally occupied while they are potentially in an unsafe condition. When performing such work, we closely follow the guidance of the property owner, or city services organization overseeing the property. We stand ready to remove these securement materials from the building when the time comes, if it is to be renovated, rehabbed or safely and legally occupied once more.
John Origer of Apex Property Clearing on his brush and debris clearing tractor

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